Aug 012010

He had lent her his jacket earlier that evening.  She’d felt cold and he lent her his jacket.

It had been what? More than 25 years since they last saw each other?  And it was good to see him again.  She knew that he’d wanted to stay longer if he could, but he had to go this time.  And tomorrow she had to go back home.

All she had of him now was the jacket she held gently in her hands.  She brought it up to her face, lay back, closed her eyes, and breathed deeply. There was a hint of cologne, but deep beneath was his familiar scent.  Him. His scent.  She remembered how it was many years ago, to be in his arms, to love truly and truly be loved. And then she knew. After all these years, she loved him still.  And all the feelings she’d kept deep and hidden now surfaced and sobbed their way free.

A slight noise brought her back to the present as her eldest daughter entered the room.

“What are you doing, Mom?”


Her mom was in tears, yet she smiled at her.

“I’m… just… happy.”

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