Feb 232012

Borrowing from a well worn-out saying: It’s not how many times you stop blogging. It’s how many times you start blogging again. 


I wonder if the date has anything to do with it. Luth will have been gone two years this Sunday, the 26th.

Or maybe because it was Ash Wednesday yesterday and I’m more reflective. 

It is strange how our pains can bring us closer to God. The other day work-stress just got a little too much and I actually found myself walking over to that little chapel in the middle of Greenbelt. So I just sat there in the chapel asking Him what was it He wanted from me?

A few silent moments passed, and then an old man approached and asked me, “are you next?”  That was when I realized I was sitting next to the confessional. I said “No” to the man and I moved away.  And the more I ignored the none-too-subtle message, the more it tugged at me.  And so after many, many, many years, I went to confession again. Ha!  And no, my penance did not require any flagellation.

The burdens are still there to bear, but  way easier to carry, now that I know He’s always there for me.

Cho 23 Feb 2012

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